Goodbye Prince

This wasn’t what I had planned to write about.  I had planned to post some photo’s of a quilt I am making for my friend’s first grandchild, but as I said before, sometimes life gets in the way.

Friday morning, Sydney time, I woke up to the news. PRINCE. IS . DEAD.  Every part of me screamed no but the only thing that came from my mouth was Oh F…!  Friday was like wading through mud.

I am not one that shares their private emotions readily.  Friends at work on Friday knew I would be upset with the loss of Prince but I don’t think they really understood how much or why.  I don’t want to offend any person but the best way I can express what I want to say is by way of a letter to Prince.

Dear Prince,

I thought of addressing this to Mr Nelson, but for the past 30 years you were always Prince to me even when you used that unpronounceable symbol.  You always were and always will be Prince.

I’ve loved your music since I first heard Little Red Corvette – I didn’t really get it at first.  Like everyone, there are some of your songs that I like better than others and some that I just adore.  The real reason I am writing to you is to say thanks. Why?

Let me explain that I was the only child in a single parent family.  23 years ago my mother, at the age of 53 died.  While it was not a total shock, she was diabetic with heart disease as well, it was hard as the only child.  My husband and his family did what they could to help me through this time.  My husband was grieving for a mother-in-law that he loved very much.  Your music was there when I needed it.

We had planned an overseas trip and all our friends and family insisted that we continue with our plans.  I don’t remember a lot of it, but I do vividly remember the days we spent in Minneapolis.  Yes I did what so many of your fans did or wished to do, I made my pilgrimage to Minneapolis.  I went to the Glam Slam, I saw lake Minnetonka – no I did not cleanse myself in the lake.  It was cold and my husband would have disowned me.  I stopped at the store you had opened and shopped my heart out and I found Paisley Park.

I don’t know if you were there at the time, but my husband pulled the rental car up in front of the studio, we took photos and though you couldn’t hear me, I thanked you for sharing your strength with me when I needed it.  The last thing my mother ever gave me was the boxed set The Hits & the B sides.  She told me it was an early xmas gift.  Later I realised that she knew she would not be with us that xmas.

I sent you a tweet one day, and OMG you replied.  I was overwhelmed, I was excited I rang my husband with the news that I had received a tweet from Prince.  I took a screen shot of the tweet. Thank you for tweeting me back.

I have been reading the press releases about your death.  For some reason it is easier to type that word than say it. I wonder, did you know that you did not have much time left with us?  Your tweets were always so cryptic, but you did love to keep us on our toes didn’t you?

Prince, I’m not sure if you realise what an impact you had on people, not just other musicians but your fans.  You will be missed Mr Nelson.  You will be missed Prince.







  1. Kenneth Harrson

    That was a nice letter, like you some of my friends, co-workers and some family members don’t realize the impact and the hurt i’m feeling. I aligned myself with his music and it has been apart of my life ever since. We have each other. lean on me and i will do te same.

    • Thank you. I never imagined I would hurt so much over someone I never met. He was a very special man.

  2. Blanca Vannevele

    Thank you for sharing..very touching.
    I’m sorry for your loss of your mother and prince.

    He is amazing I miss him too.

    I love him like a brother.

  3. Very sweet and I enjoyed reading. We’ve lost a legend but his music lives 4ever!

  4. Love love love this. A pilgrimage to Paisley Park is now on my agenda.

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